Jessica Ajdani




Massage is a form of healing that soothes aching muscles, eases tension, balances the body and quietens the mind.  Blends of aromatherapy oils are specially selected from an extensive range to compliment all skin and body forms.


The power of touch is profound and has the capacity to remove stagnant energy and relax muscles, to act as a gentle reminder to nurture ourselves, and to offer a space of relaxation and reflection in our busy modern lives.


Bodywork                          60 minutes          $110

Combined treatment*      75 minutes           $169

Combined treatment*      90 minutes         $200


Eye Treatments

Khol was traditionally used to accentuate the eyes and enhance ones sensuality.  Eyelash and eyebrow tinting are performed with the utmost care, ensuring comfort and long lasting lashes.

A frame for the face, the art of brow shaping tells a story.  No two brows are the same, and the right shape is as important as a good hair cut.  Each brow shape will start with a consultation and recommendation of the right shape for your features.


Brow shape                                     15 minutes                                           $30

Eyelash tint                                    15 minutes                                            $30

Eyelash & eyebrow tint                 15 minutes                                           $30

Eyelash tint & brow shape           30 minutes                                           $45

Eyelash, brow tint & shape          30 minutes                                           $49


About Jess

I started my career as a beauty therapist in Sydney many moons ago. I worked in highly regarded spas in Sydney & London, offering mainstream beauty treatments where I used the latest new products and ingredients.

I came back home to New Zealand to be with my family and that’s when my life took a different turn. I started asking questions about my work and what this beauty business really meant.  

Having spent many years treating skin conditions and suffering from acne, I have knocked on a number of different doors ranging from nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, meditation and emotional work.  This opened me to seeing skin and body care in a complete and not isolated way.

Ten years on, I now know the meaning of beauty and how important it is to be nurtured. At the time that I felt the most beautiful externally, I felt the most unsettled internally.  Maybe that was the beginning point of  self enquiry and a search for the deeper meaning of “beauty”.

It is my pleasure to share my knowledge and experience with you and to assist you in the health of you and your skin.




Originating in the Middle East, hair removal is used in preparation for special occasions, Today waxing is used as a hygienic practice and personal preference for men and women. 

We use high quality wax to ensure maximum comfort and minimal ingrown hair.

Underarms                                   15 minutes                                           $30

Upper lip                                      15 minutes                                           $25

Chin/cheeks                                 15 minutes                                           $30

Nose & ears                                 15 minutes                                            $30

Bikini                                            15 minutes                                           $30

Bikini (extended)                         30 minutes                                          $45

Bikini (full)                                   30 minutes                                          $65

Half leg                                         30 minutes                                          $45

Full leg                                          60 minutes                                         $65

Arms                                             30 minutes                                          $45  

Half leg, bikini, underarms        60 minutes                                          $100

Chest                                            30 minutes                                           $45

Back                                               30 minutes                                          $45





Phone:  021-552828

Address:  Unit 4, Gloucester Court, 1 Franklin Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland