About Bahar

I started my career as a beauty therapist in Sydney many moons ago. I worked in highly regarded spas in Sydney & London, offering mainstream beauty treatments where I used the latest new products and ingredients.

I came back home to New Zealand to be with my family and that’s when my life took a different turn. I started asking questions about my work and what this beauty business really meant.  

Having spent many years treating skin conditions and suffering from acne, I have knocked on a number of different doors ranging from nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, meditation and emotional work. This opened me to seeing skin and body care in a complete and not isolated way.

Ten years on, I now know the meaning of beauty and how important it is to be nurtured. At the time that I felt the most beautiful externally, I felt the most unsettled internally. Maybe that was the beginning point of  self enquiry and a search for the deeper meaning of “beauty”.

It is my pleasure to share my knowledge and experience with you and to assist you in the health of you and your skin.