Massage Therapy

Massage is a form of healing that soothes aching muscles, eases tension, balances the body and quietens the mind. Blends of aromatherapy oils are specially selected for your body on the day.

The power of touch is profound and has the capacity to remove stagnant energy, to gently remind us to nurture ourselves, and to offer a space of relaxation for our nervous system.

Intuitive massage is a touch that comes from the heart and not the mind, and will move with a knowing of what is required for you on the day.

You have an opportunity at the end of each treatment to book extra time to learn about self massaging at home.  I have powerfully witnessed the change in my own body and in client’s bodies with massage. This can be a platform for you to learn how to move stagnant energy and invite the breath to flow more deeply and easily within your body.



Intuitive massage

60 minutes $125.00



Intuitive massage

75 minutes       $155.00



Self care massage tuition

30 minutes      $75.00